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Director of Human Resources:
Pamela R. Ambles

121 South McDonough Street
Historic Court House
2nd Floor
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3239
Job Line: (770) 473-5800

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Human Resources

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IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM HUMAN RESOURCES:  Timing of your retirement impacts your post-employment health benefits as a retiree.  Please remember to discuss your post-employment health benefits with Human Resources Benefits Angela Woods before you retire.  Angela can be reached at 770-477-3743.


Mission Statement: To serve as a data-driven, strategic, collaborative, trusted partner, known for credibility, fairness, innovation, and excellence! To be knowledgeable and result driven.

Vision Statement: To position Clayton County as an employer of choice.



Mission Statement:  To offer robust and affordable health care options, education, and a wellness program that improves the health, wellbeing, and quality of life while acting as a liaison between the employees/retirees and health care providers.

Vision Statement:  For Clayton County to be the leader in Georgia for employer-based employee benefit plans, and for every Clayton County employee/retiree to be a well-versed partner in his/her health care.



Mission Statement:  To be responsive and sensitive to all on-the-job work-related injuries, and to serve as a liaison to ensure employees and leadership are educated regarding the workers’ compensation processes and procedures with an end goal of returning the employee to full duty within a sufficient amount of time.

Vision Statement:  To educate employees and leadership to reduce claims, improve workplace safety, and to ensure compliance to minimize liability.



Mission Statement:  To provide a strategic, competitive compensation system that offers internal/external equity and to implement policies, procedures, and processes that promote effective management of the system to maintain integrity of the data.

Vision Statement: To fully utilize available resources to implement innovative strategies to maximize and enhance our compensation system to increase retention, morale, and productivity.



Mission Statement: To be committed to creating a healthy, team-oriented environment in which our employees are partners.  We will identify and implement support systems that foster strong, trusting relationships.

Vision Statement:  To create an environment that is infused with trust, open communication, mutual respect and teamwork.



Mission Statement:   To establish a culture of well-being for our employees and their families by implementing educational and motivational programs, strategies, and initiatives to promote quality of life.

Vision Statement:  To establish a wellness and health program that will become a model program beyond Clayton County.

Download Human Resources Mission and Vision Statement

Human Resources serves over 2,600 employees in a community of over 250,000 citizens.

There are five distinct divisions within the Human Resources Department.  The mission and vision statements of each division drive our operations and the execution of work.  Human Resources’ missions and visions are highlighted above.

Human Resources has a very keen focus on employee relations and strives to provide a workplace in which our employees can thrive, grow, and be proud to be a part of.

Simply stated, Clayton County Board of Commissioners supports a policy of nondiscrimination in all phases of the employment life cycle, which starts at the employment application stage and ends at retirement.   Human Resources enlists all EEO laws (federal, state, and local), Civil Service Rules and Regulations, and leadership best practices to guide our approach to human resources management.

The Civil Service Act created a system of personnel administration for Clayton County Board of Commissioners.  Civil Service protected employees are provided due process under the Civil Service System.  New full-time employees hired in Civil Service positions must serve a 12-month probationary period before obtaining Civil Service Status.  Some public safety employees serve an 18-month probationary period.

Human Resources is proud to share some of the benefits offered by Clayton County Board of Commissioners.  One major highlight is our defined benefit plan for retirement.  Research will show that this plan is becoming extinct among employers.  Some of the benefits offered by Clayton County Board of Commissioners are:

Thank you for visiting our website!  To learn more, contact us at 770-473-5801.