Clayton County, Georgia Home
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Clayton County, Georgia Home

Director of Human Resources:
Pamela R. Ambles

121 South McDonough Street
Historic Court House
2nd Floor
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3239
Job Line: (770) 473-5800

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Wellness and Health

Human Resources Wellness and Health
Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement: To establish a culture of well-being for our employees and their families by implementing educational and motivational programs, strategies, and initiatives to promote quality of life.

Vision Statement: To establish a wellness and health program that will become a model program beyond Clayton County.

Wellness and Health is responsible for the following essential functions:

  • Develops Annual Calendar of Events
  • Identifies, Develops, and Implements Wellness and Health Programs, Strategies, and Initiatives Guided by Employee Population Data Including the Determinants of Health and the 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Identifies and Implements Innovation Strategies to Increase Participation and Build Awareness
  • Manages All Aspects of the Be Safe Be Well Wellness Program
  • Engages in Effective Relationship Management with Vendors
  • Serves as Wellness Liaison/Champion to Internal and External Partners
  • Develops and Maintains an Effective Records Management System
  • Provides Structured Reporting of Various Metrics and Outcomes
  • Conducts Various Surveys and Analyzes Data to Identify Focus Areas for Programming
  • Effectively Manages the Be Safe Be Well Wellness Budget
  • Works Collaboratively With Executive Leadership to Promote Partnerships
  • Works Collaboratively With External Organizations to Promote Partnerships
  • Provide Various Wellness and Health Related Presentations
  • Executes Special Projects as Identified by the Human Resources Director