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Restrictive Parking Program


In an effort to deter prohibited parking in accordance with the Clayton County Code of Ordinances, The Board of Commissioner’s approved a Restrictive Parking Program during their Regular Business Meeting of February 10, 2016 via Resolution No. 2016-17.  This program addresses the dangers and negative aesthetic impact of improperly parked vehicles on the rights-of-ways of roads, streets, thoroughfares, and other avenues of travel in the unincorporated areas of Clayton County.  The process consists of submitting a petition requesting the placement of parking related signage.  The petition process shall require a minimum of a ½ mile segment of street frontage or a full street, if the street is less than a ½ mile in length.  The Program requires the Property Owner’s to fund the initial cost of signs with a 75% approval from Property Owner’s in the impacted area.

You may complete an online request form (Click Here) or contact the office at 770-477-3674 to request a petition.

Step 1

Once request is received, Transportation and Development Creates a Plan for the requested area that satisfies the enforcement requirements of the Clayton County Police Department.

Step 2

Clayton County staff begins the petition process including:

  •     Determine sign quantity and associated cost.
  •     Define number of property owners necessary to meet 75% approval certification.
  •     Create No Parking Restriction Petition.

Step 3

County provides the Petition package to requestor.

Step 4

HOA or requestor returns the completed petition to Clayton County Department of Transportation and Development for property owner certification.  If 75% or more verified property owners have signed the petition, proceed to step 5.  If less than 75% of verified property owners have signed the petition, modifications to the desired area can be considered, however the process starts over with Step 2.

Step 5

Clayton County staff will advise citizen upon meeting the petition requirements to submit payment for sign fabrication and installation.

Step 6

After all payments are received and certified, Clayton County will begin fabrication and installation of No Parking signage per the sign placement design.