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Juvenile Rights for Delinquent Offenses

The following are your rights if charged with a delinquent offense in Juvenile Court. If you do not understand your rights or wish to discuss them, please contact your attorney or your assigned court officer by calling 770.477.3270.

  1. You do not have to admit to the charges you are facing or say anything at all; if you choose not to say anything, it will not be held against you.
  2. You have the right to have the charges served upon you in writing within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. You have the right to have a trial before a judge. You can have witnesses there to testify for you, and you can question anyone who might testify against you. You have the right to an appeal from the trial if you disagree with the decision, and you have the right to receive a record/transcript of the proceedings in the event of an appeal.
  4. You have the right to have a lawyer represent you, and if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will provide you with one. A lawyer is trained to understand court procedure and proceedings; knows how to conduct trials and how to properly introduce evidence and exclude improper evidence; knows how the law applies to the circumstances of your case; knows how your rights and liberties may be affected by the court proceedings and how to protect those rights and liberties; and knows how to present your case and all matters favorable to you in court; all of which you may not know.
  5. Possible dispositions that the court can order if you admit to the charge(s) or if you are found to have committed a delinquent act include, but are not limited to: dismissal; informal adjustment or other non-adjudicatory process; probation; commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice not to exceed 60 months; placement in an institution; placement in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services; community service; suspension of driver’s license; requiring school attendance; counseling or other treatment services; supervision fees and fines; and restitution