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Abandoned Motor Vehicles

Important Notice to All Persons Filing Abandoned Motor Vehicle Foreclosure Affidavits

Statutorily mandated forms for abandoned motor vehicles have been adopted by the State Department of Motor Vehicle Safety.

What are the filing requirements under the law?

The law provides that the DDS will be establishing uniform forms for use in lien foreclosure proceedings (O.C.G.A. §40-11-5). You must continue to provide a completed order for the court to sign. The DDS has adopted a form order which you must use; a copy of the order form is available by clicking here.

What about the exhibits required in MV603A?

As mentioned above, the DDS forms are mandatory. Use of the exhibits required by that form is therefore obviously mandatory. The following exhibits are required:

Exhibit A

A copy of the document provided to you by law enforcement in response to your initial request for owner information.

Exhibit B

BOTH (1) A copy of your initial notice letter (which must comply with O.C.G.A.§40-11-19(a)(l)AND (2) a copy of the green card or the returned envelope.

Exhibit C

A copy of the MV603.

Exhibit D

BOTH (1) a copy of the notice letter(s) provided by DDS in response to the MV603; AND (2) a copy of the green card(s) or the returned envelope(s) OR for unknown owner situations, a copy of the legal advertisement meeting the requirements of O.C.G.A.§40-11-19(a)(l)(H).

Exhibit E

A copy of any correspondence you have received in response to your notices, such as letters disclaiming ownership, refusing payment, etc.


If there has been no response, you may mark Exhibit D as “Exhibit D and E”.

DDS forms are available at

Additional information can be found HERE