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Clayton County, Georgia Home
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Advanced Voting Has Begun! View More Information Here

Clayton County, Georgia Home

Chief Information Officer:
Jaime Montalvo

9181 Poston Road
Jonesboro, GA 30238

Phone: (770) 477-3728

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Smart Pedestrian Planning Project

A 2020 Georgia Smart Communities Project in collaboration with Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Regional Commission


  • A partnership with Georgia Tech and partially funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Allows Clayton County to envision, explore and plan for a future that includes “Smart Mobility” and “Smart Pedestrian Access”
  • Develop a decision support system that will:
    • Inventory the existing sidewalk infrastructure assets
    • Update the sidewalk attributes (presence/absence; crosswalks, curb-cuts, etc.)
    • Create a prioritization index of future sidewalk projects

Why is Walking Important?

Walking is important because it…

Supports sustainable growth and is good for the environment.

Walking produces no greenhouse gas emissions.  It’s the most sustainable and healthy mode of transportation!



Makes Clayton County’s residents healthier.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends at least 22 minutes a day of moderate aerobic activity.  This can be achieved simply by walking to shops, work, or transit.



Makes Clayton County a better place to visit.

Visitors expect quality walking infrastructure to get around the county and experience what it has to offer.



Has social benefits…

Especially to residents who are not able or can no longer afford to drive, and helps people live full, independent lives by providing access to work, shopping, medical appointments, and social activities.



Attracts talent and makes the county more competitive

Millennials, a growing segment of Clayton County’s population, want mobility options like walking, biking, and transit, and are less focused on cars than previous generations.


Why Smart Pedestrian Planning?

Project Team



Project Activities

Activities So Far…

  • Conducted stakeholder engagement sessions with all commissioners and with each city partner
  • Hired 28 high school students to perform digital data gathering and QA/QC of information
  • Utilizing the ClickClayton app to receive areas of concern through the “Smart Pedestrian/Sidewalk Plan” category
  • Planning neighborhood-based volunteer community data gathering teams
  • On-going community events revolving around information gathering



Community Participation


Submit an Area of Concern on the ClickClayton App or Click Here



Smart Pedestrian Presentations

CPM Project Presentation

Community Engagement


For Additional Information:

Nicole Horne
Administrator of Office of Youth Services
770-477-3242 or 678-229-7705

Keith Rohling
Assistant Director, Transportation & Development
770-473-5453 or 678-794-1222