Until April 13, 2020, unless extended, the Harold R. Banke Justice Center is conducting ONLY essential operations as indicated in the Order Declaring Judicial Emergency.  No jurors or grand jurors should report; and no civil or non-essential matters will be heard, unless they can be conducted via video or teleconferencing.  

Parties or attorneys in any matter are welcome to contact the chambers of the judge assigned to their case by phone or email if they have any questions or need to ensure their compliance with this Order.  Case information, court calendars (if any), and relevant forms can be found throughout this website.



The State Court is composed of five (5) Judges. All are elected by the citizens of Clayton County and serve four (4) year terms. State Court is a trial court with limited jurisdiction covering misdemeanor and traffic violations, prosecuted by the office of the Solicitor General, and all civil actions, regardless of the amount, unless the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction.

judge cowen
Chief Judge Linda S. Cowen
judge garrett
Judge Michael T. Garrett
judge hayward
Judge Tammi Hayward

judge spencer

Judge Margaret Spencer


Judge Shalonda Jones-Parker