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Solicitor-General Charles Brooks and Judge Tammi Hayward Receive Statewide Recognition

Dec 12, 2023

December 11, 2023

Solicitor-General Charles Brooks and Judge Tammi Hayward Receive Statewide Recognition

(Jonesboro, GA) – The Office of the Solicitor-General of the State Court of Clayton County is delighted to announce that Solicitor-General Charles A. Brooks, has been awarded the prestigious title of “Solicitor-General of the Year” for 2023 by the Georgia Association of Black County Officials (GABCO). This recognition underscores Solicitor Brooks’ exceptional contributions to the legal field and dedication to upholding justice. Also awarded was Clayton County State Court Judge, Tammi L. Hayward for State Court Judge of the Year.

Solicitor Brooks and Judge Hayward have consistently demonstrated outstanding legal expertise, unwavering commitment to public service, and a remarkable ability to navigate complex legal challenges. These awards serve as a testament to their exceptional leadership, legal acumen, and significant impact on the legal community.

GABCO acknowledges the invaluable role played by Solicitor Brooks in leading his office through the pandemic while maintaining a commitment to community engagement and excellence in prosecution. Brooks has consistently exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, earning the respect and admiration of peers, colleagues, and the broader legal community.

The Solicitor-General of the Year award is a recognition bestowed upon Charles A. Brooks by the GABCO after a thorough and competitive selection process. The award not only highlights Solicitor Brooks’ individual achievements, but also reflects positively on the commitment to excellence and dedication to justice upheld by the office he leads.

Solicitor Brooks expressed gratitude for the recognition, saying, “So often the work we do is thankless, and we do this work not for the thank you’s but for moving our communities forward, it is a great honor to be recognized by this distinguished body of leaders from throughout the State of Georgia. This award goes to the committed employees of my office who abide by our guiding pillars of community first, integrity matters, fairness always and competence plus; their commitment to our pillars is why I can accept this award.

The awards were officially presented at the President’s Reception on December 10, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia, providing an opportunity for Solicitor Brooks and Judge Hayward to be celebrated by peers, mentors, and the wider legal community.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Solicitor Brooks please contact:
Chief of Staff, Kydra Finn at or via phone770.477.3380

About the Georgia Association of Black County Officials:

The Georgia Association of Black County Officials is a group of elected officials from all counties throughout Georgia with the mission to advocate to protect the general welfare of Georgians, people of color and underserved citizens of Georgia in matters of health and welfare, education, social and criminal justice, employment and economic empowerment.