Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Special Election – Election Results

Clayton County, Georgia Home
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Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Special Election – Election Results

Clayton County, Georgia Home

Juneteenth Celebration

Jul 12, 2022


For Immediate ReleaseJune 27, 2022

News ReleaseJuneteenth Celebration at Flint River Community Center 

On Saturday, June 18, 2022, District 3 Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin sponsored an incredible Juneteenth event which was held at the fabulous Flint River Community Center in Riverdale, Georgia.  This was an educational and interactive program entitled “Rejoice: It’s Emancipation Day” and included live music and a narrative artistic production by the same name.

Traditionally Black History has been passed on by word of mouth, mainly by “Griots” or storytellers.  Clayton County is fortunate to have its own Griot, Cathy Loving.   She, along with Commissioner Franklin and Dr. Yvette Crossing organized and facilitated this activity. They partnered with Kaiser Permanente and the Southeast Permanente Medical Group, the physicians who provide care for Kaiser Permanente (KP) of Georgia.  Dr. Lakesha Davison, co-director for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity for KP Georgia Region, Sarah Jones, and Mark Glenn of KP African American Professional Association were essential in making this event a success.

The production showcased talent from all age groups including the 5-year performing spoken word, young adults with their original spoken word, and featured adults in video and live performances. Kathryn Smith Stephens, an 88-year-old pianist, and organist provided inspirational background music as well as spirituals.  Dr. Chris Griffith, a KP psychiatrist spoke on post-traumatic stress in the African American Community and suicide among African Americans. In addition, Nelda Jackson of Lexington, Kentucky coordinated and edited educational information for the exhibit.

Acoustic guitarist, Kenee Maree, and his guest soloists wowed the crowd as they enjoyed the African American interactive narrative exhibit by artist, Dr. Yvette Crossing.

Many thanks to Mr. Michael Burrell and everyone from the Flint River Mixed-Use Community Center for their amazing contributions to making this event a phenomenal success.

Tremendous feedback from many of the over 120 attendees left everyone wanting more.

Stay tuned for coming events celebrating African American (American History) throughout the year.