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Clayton County, Georgia Home
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Clayton County, Georgia Home

Board Approves Optional Mask or Face Covering Policy

May 18, 2022

For Immediate Release

June 2, 2021


Face Mask Policy and Social Distancing Guidelines Remain in Effec

(Clayton County, GA)- Pursuant to the County’s inherent authority to control terms of entry onto County-owned or County-leased property, the County’s face mask policy and social distancing guidelines remain in effect. Members of the public and county employees are required to wear face coverings over the nose and mouth when entering and while inside County- owned or County-leased buildings, which face coverings are cloth face coverings as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), or face coverings designed to protect others from infection by the wearer, except as expressly stated in a separate policy, if any, that applies to certain uses of portions of county buildings, such as courtrooms. The face mask or face covering shall not be required when entering or exiting a polling place as defined by O.C.G.A. § 21-2- 2(27) and no individual shall be denied ingress or egress to or from a polling place for failure to wear a face covering or face mask. Private businesses and municipalities within the county do not have to abide by this policy.

Individuals may go without a mask in parks and on trails when they can maintain a six-foot buffer between themselves and others as outlined in the coronavirus safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when eating or drinking, for reasons of religion, health, or difficulty donning or removing the face mask or covering without assistance.

“Although there are Coronavirus (COVID -19) vaccines available, it is still our responsibility to protect ourselves, our families, and our community by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing,” said Clayton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeffrey E. Turner. “I encourage everyone to get vaccinated to ensure that we are doing all that we can to keep our community and loved ones safe.”

For more information and to access the full mask policy mandated by Clayton County, visit

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