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NEWS RELEASE: Solicitor-General Charles Brooks Awards 2nd Grade Winners

Jan 30, 2023

Office of the Solicitor-General                                                                             State Court of Clayton County

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Solicitor-General Congratulates Books Not Violence Winners


(Jonesboro, GA- January 30, 2023) — Clayton County Solicitor-General Charles A. Brooks in partnership with Clayton County Public Schools Board of Education member, Dr. Deatrice “Dee” Haney, (District 5) is pleased to announce the winners of the Books not Bullets: Books not Violence reading initiative. It is with the utmost admiration that we announce and congratulate Mrs. Aretha F. Hewlett’s 2nd Grade class at Fountain Elementary as the winners of the Books not Violence reading initiative. Ms. Hewlett’s class read a grand total of 1,981 books. Each student was awarded an Amazon Kids Kindle reader tablet with a 1-year subscription to continue their reading journey.


The literacy initiative titled, “Books not Bullets: Books not Violence” was launched as a reading competition between all second-grade classes of Clayton County Public School system to see what class could read the most books between November 7, 2022, and January 6, 2023.


When asked about the motivation behind the initiative, Solicitor Brooks offered, “the most powerful weapon any person can have in a conflict is knowledge and books are the means by which our young scholars can explore the world and travel through history right in their own homes,” Brooks continued, “with all of the violence of late happening to and among our young people it was of particular importance to keep our young scholars fully engaged in the holiday months… as the expression goes idles minds are the devil’s workshop.” He continued, “this work is the realization of my pledge to serve my community not just through prosecution but also education.”