Chief Appraiser Rodney McDaniel

Chief Appraiser:
Rodney McDaniel

P.K. Dixon Annex 2
Second Floor
121 S. McDonough St.
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3285
Fax: (770) 477-4566

This section of the Tax Assessors Office is responsible for the processing of deeds to maintain current property ownership; maintaining records to update property characteristics such as zoning, acreage, available utilities and city limits; and maintaining county tax maps and set up tax accounts for new subdivisions and individual property divisions.

Public Services - Assist public locating ownership and property characteristic information and make copies of tax maps.

Commonly Asked Questions

How current is your ownership information and /or tax maps? - Our map books are updated within four months of the deed being recorded in the Clerk of Superior Courts office. Ownership is recorded behind each map. Changes are hand drawn on the maps and the original maps are updated in May of each year.

Do you have flood plain information?

For floodplain information and drainage issues, contact the Clayton County Water Authority at (678) 422-5145 ext. 5508. Flood maps may be obtained directly from the FEMA Map Service Center at You may also contact Clayton County Water Authority's Stormwater Program at (678) 422-5145.

Do you have the zoning?

We do show zoning for each parcel of land, however for current changes and information on permitted uses and restrictions contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (770) 477-3678.