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Once your voters registration application is approved, your precinct card will be sent to you by mail. Your name and address will appear on your card as they are listed in our files. If this information is incorrect, please notify our office at the telephone number and address on the left of the precinct card.

The precinct card lists the name of your precinct and address of your polling place. It also lists the Congressional, state legislative, county commission, county board of education, and municipal districts (if any) in which you reside and are eligible to vote.

It is not necessary for you to re-register to vote unless you change your name or move from the address shown on the precinct card.

  • If you move within your county, you complete the card on the back of the precinct card or complete a new voters registration application, and send it to our office.
  • If you move to another county, or if your name changes, you must re-register using a new voter registration application.
  • If your name changes, you must re-register using a new voter registration application.

Description of Precinct Card

Location of your Name and Address
Location of your Registration date
Location of your Registration Number
Location of the date issued to you
Location of your Congressional District (CONG), Senate District, House District, Commission District and School District.
Location of City Districts (This will be blank unless you reside in the city limits.
Location of your Precinct
Location of Polling Place
Where you Sign your Precinct Card
Address and Phone Number of Board of Elections and Registration