Clayton County, Georgia Home
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Clayton County, Georgia Home

Shauna Dozier

Jonesboro Historical Courthouse, Main Floor
121 South McDonough Street
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3372
Fax: (770) 477-4521

Office Email:

Military/UOCAVA Email:

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Vaccinate Clayton Website

Easy Campaign Finance Instructions

Printable Version

  1. Open browser of choice (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  2. Enter: in address bar
  3. Click on Officials/Candidates at top right
  4. Click Register (there is a video to the left after you click Register – if you need further assistance)

To Submit Documents

  1. Follow Steps 1-3 from above
  2. Click on Login
    1. Enter your email that you registered with
    2. Enter the password (if you forgot your password – click the link “Forgot Password?”
    3. Click Login
    4. Click on File Reports (Instruction Video is a 5 minute video to give you instructions on how to complete the forms.)
      1. Click Wizard/Upload next to the form that you want to complete
      2. Click Start Wizard
      3. The forms are broken down in to small snippets (after you complete each page – click NEXT STEP
      4. You will always be able to view your document before submitting – if your document is complete on the review page – click E-Sign/Submit
      5. Enter the code on the right
      6. Check the box next to “By checking this box you are certifying that statements on this form are complete, true and accurate.”
      7. Click Submit
      8. You will be defaulted back to the front page
      9. Click on My Submissions and look under STATUS and you will see that your form has been Submitted
      10. When the Filing Clerk has accepted your form – the Submitted will be changed to Accepted
      11. When the Filing Clerk has faxed your form to Ethics – the Accepted will be changed to Faxed to Ethics
      12. When you look under STATUS and it says NEW – that means that you have not E-Signed/Submitted your form.