District Attorney: 
Tasha Mosley

Harold R. Banke Justice Center
9151 Tara Boulevard
4th Floor
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3450
Fax: (770) 477-4577

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Contacting the District Attorney's Office

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There are a few things we want you to understand before you go to the effort of composing and sending an email to our office. Because of certain restrictions, we will not be able to respond to the following areas of concern:

No General Legal Advice and/or Legal Referrals: We can not respond to legal questions and are in fact legally banned from answering legal questions. We are also not ethically able to refer you to a lawyer in your area to help you.

No Criminal Case Inquiries: Ethically we are unable to communicate directly or indirectly with you regarding your criminal case if you are represented by an attorney, unless we have your attorney's consent. If you have an attorney, have him or her contact our office.