Clayton County, Georgia Home
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Clayton County, Georgia Home

Dennis Nelson

Deputy Warden of Security
Ray Amey

Deputy Warden of Administration
Neysa Mayfield

11420 S.L.R. Boulevard
Lovejoy, GA 30250

Phone: (770) 473-5777
Fax: (770) 473-5783

Refuse Control
Phone: (770) 477-3548

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Refuse Control

Captain Frank Brown
Division Commander

The mission of the Clayton County Corrections Department Refuse Control Division is the cleaning of county buildings, the removal of litter from grounds and roads, graffiti removal, force clean abatement, and grass cutting using inmate labor and court ordered community service workers.

Residents living in the unincorporated areas of Clayton County can contact Refuse Control to have debris removed by Refuse Control. After items are placed on the curb on the County right-of-way, residents can call to place a pick-up order. Refuse Control will send an inspector to the address normally within 24 hours to access the debris and provide the resident with an estimate. There is no charge for the estimate. If the residents choose to use the service there is a minimum fee of $20.00 and the charge goes up from there in $20.00 increments depending on the amount of debris at the curb.

The following items are approved to pick up:

  • Yard debris,
  • Furniture,
  • Appliances,
  • Tree limbs (up to 6″ in diameter and no longer than 10 ft.),
  • Bags of leaves and miscellaneous items can be picked up, and/or
  • Paint cans are accepted only if they are empty or the paint has been solidified with cat litter and with no lid attached.

The following items cannot be picked up:

  • Tree trunks,
  • Any type of batteries,
  • Roofing shingles,
  • Bricks,
  • Dirt,
  • Concrete,
  • Oil of any kind,
  • Heavy metal, and/or
  • Hazardous items.

Residents living within the city limits of any municipality in Clayton County are asked to please contact their respective City Hall for debris removal.