Chief Strategy Officer:
Dr. Chalonda Smith
Clayton County Administration

1383 Government Circle
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3677

Office of Performance Management

The Office Performance Management (OPM) guides Departments to strategically progress County priorities through the County’s Strategic Pillars while promoting continuous improvement in all operations to create public trust and value. OPM directs and promotes the County’s Strategic Pillars by focusing on aligning strategy, facilitating performance management, and fostering improvement by developing and implementing tools and resources as necessary.  With board approval, OPM determines governance structures in support of process improvement, systems and technology, and workforce development projects.  OPM also supports departments with grant writing and policy/SOP writing and reviews.

Office of Performance Management Mission:

To foster and preserve a culture of strategic leadership and continuous improvement in Clayton County.


To be the County’s strategic agent for improvement and foundation for quality of life to the citizens in the county.


  • Identifying the barriers to effective performance and resolving those barriers through constant process improvement, systems and technology, and workforce development projects
  • Develops, administers, and collaborates with departments to ensure County’s strategic pillars are promoted throughout the organization.
  • Create and implement necessary tools and resources to effectively achieve strategy and performance for departments


Service: We value service as our customers and stakeholders’ needs are our priority.

Excellence:  We generate and sustain a standard of excellence in our operations.

Integrity: We set the standards as integrity will drive all decisions and actions.

Data Driven Decisions: We allow data to drive decisions to promote excellence.

This integrated process, known as Performance Management, is based on:

  • Identifying strategic goals and objectives as well as relevant measures;
  • Determining what resources are necessary to achieve them;
  • Analyzing and evaluating performance data; and
  • Using that data to drive improvements in an organization

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