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Quality of Life

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Create conditions that increase quality of life for all communities.



Clayton County is committed to increasing the quality of life where citizens seek to live wholesome, balanced lives in safe and secure communities.  We are "Clayton Strong" when our communities are provided reliable and efficient emergency response and effective safety, fire, and crime prevention. We believe in the planned development of quality housing to attract new segments of population and access to affordable health care. By creating optimal conditions, our government influences the environment to promote active, healthy, and enhanced lifestyles within communities. As a part of the social dynamics of the County, we provide diverse recreational events, accessible parks, libraries, and entertainment venues while also promoting arts and culture throughout the County. Clayton County government will continue to maintain safe surroundings; manage and protect water, sewer, and sanitation systems; support services and programs to assist our most vulnerable citizens – seniors, people with disabilities, adults and children with mental health conditions, the abused and neglected, teenage parents, homeless and children in foster care.  

Major Strategies: Fiscal Years (FY) 2017-2019

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Create Quality of Life Task Force to address clean up and blight throughout the county . Establish a business empowerment academy by partnering with local Chamber, Human Resources, and other interested stakeholders. Implement residential Adopt -a- Neighborhood program.
Improve county services focused on health, safety and environmental well -being of our citizens. Utilize the services of a grant writer to bring in funds to address quality of life issues/concerns. Create a mechanism through which citizens’ non- emergency issues can be directed (e.g., 311 services.)
Establish aesthetic code requirements that attach to business licenses as a condition of approval. Implement rental property license program. Collaboration with cities and other Non - Government Organizations (NGO) to establish concerts/festivals and other destination activities county -wide.
Create ordinances that improve the aesthetics of the built environment (residential and business). Implement a green-friendly purchasing policy that is cost-efficient and sustainable (i.e., LEED - certify).  
Re -establish “Keep Clayton County Beautiful” initiative.
-Reestablish a board. - Create a non -profit “Keep Clayton Clean” to utilize probation offenders to work to clean County as community service. - Use organizations like “Keep Clayton Clean” to go through neighborhoods and make sure homes are up to code an d clean. -Utilize Extension Services to develop beautification projects that are free 9e.g., 4H, UGA Landscape students, etc.) -Implement a Clayton Workday initiative
Create a beautification plan/investment, including citizens, to make the County more polished and attractive. -Research free resources. -Establish collaborations among county, cities, and citizens.