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Growth Management

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Reduce inefficiencies in key government operations across all departments and services. 



Our focus on efficient government operations will consider the needs of citizens, first and foremost, and place a premium on all employees providing customer-friendly services. In order to deliver the range of services that citizens require from Clayton County Government; departmental operations must be efficient and responsive.  The sources of efficiencies in government operations include, but are not limited to: engaging in forward planning and goal setting; using best practices to solve long-standing problems; integrating technology into key work processes and tasks; developing and managing talent internally; developing leadership capabilities across the organization; continuously reviewing and improving programs and services; and connecting and aligning systems.   

Major Strategies: Fiscal Years (FY) 2017-2019

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Conduct a comprehensive analysis
to identify operational redundancies and inefficiencies.
Encourage professional growth and
development of internal talent in order to foster innovation and creative service solutions.
- Design and implement a sustainable pay for
performance incentive program.
- Establish a formal mentoring program to develop internal talent.
-Develop subject matter experts within departments.
Promote business growth by leveraging evolving technologies, tax incentives, and other development initiatives.
Develop a comprehensive operations and technology resource plan and strategic replacement plan for those resources and technologies.
- Leverage current IT solutions and initiatives to reduce manual processes and facilitate
interdepartmental electronic communication and visibility
Develop and implement
departmental strategic
and succession plans.
-Implement internal leadership programs to develop current and future talent.
Use technology, such as Pictometry, to assist with quality growth management, to direct resources to specific areas of the County, to
assist with tax assessments, blight remediation, and public safety enhancements.
Expand communications and increase interdepartmental visibility and awareness by holding regular cluster meetings with key staff
Develops standardized County and departmental onboarding processes and manuals.
Promote community involvement and awareness through updated technology and advertising methods.
-Implement a county-wide system granting citizen access for service delivery and departmental progress monitoring.