Board of Commissioners


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Provide responsive and responsible governmental services.  



Our County leaders will create a work environment that enriches, informs, and engage our workforce using viable and innovative communication with all stakeholders to develop a collective strength in reaching goals.  We are committed to utilizing best practices and results-oriented methodologies to ensure effective, efficient, transparent, and fiscally accountable governance in line with regulatory and policy compliance. Strategic and long-term planning will guide our forward thinking and actions.



Major Strategies: Fiscal Years (FY) 2017-2019

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019

Enforce the strategic directives (six pillars) to maintain County integrity and transparency.


Develop an advisory group that includes department SMEs, legislators, citizens, municipal
officers, and other stakeholders
for better civic engagement

Ensure the development and
implementation of ordinances that improve the aesthetics of the built

Expand technology for internal/external
resources to provide more efficient services to citizens, including access to county services and job opportunities. 


Create more interactive opportunities for citizens
and current employees to expand knowledge of county services and job opportunities.

Partner with high schools and local colleges to assist the County in developing strategies for branding, technology, finance, etc.

Initiate collaboration between the BOC, BOE and other community entities to ensure a high performing school system.

Obtain citizens’ satisfaction feedback regarding government services via website surveys to be distributed to each department.

Respond to citizen issues as promptly as possible (include service measurements with
defined timeframes).
Development of department heads
performance evaluations that will reflect work plans that correlate back to the strategic operational plan