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Fiscal Responsibility

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Ensure wise management of the County’s finances.



Our accountability to the public requires that we identify and prioritize functions and services to which scarce resources should be allocated. In developing budgets and financial plans, we will ensure that proposed spending is in line with Board-established priorities.  The County will implement a prioritized-based budget approach to financing services, programs, projects, and initiatives will assist in our approach to managing our resources.  By safeguarding our assets, we will demonstrate prudent management of our fiscal resources.  Each department will provide fiscal accountability by collecting and reporting metrics relating to key performance indicators.

Major Strategies: Fiscal Years (FY) 2017-2019

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Increase the overall understanding of the financial stability of the County through webinars, podcasts, and community posts/reports.
Implement SPLOST projects that will streamline operations
-­‐Establish and implement the technology SPLOST projects which will streamline operations.
Complete assessment of life-cycle costs of all county facilities, their maintenance, and replacement costs.
Change the thinking of “lose it or use it” spending.
- Promote departmental understanding of each department’s budget county-wide.
- Set goals to reduce department budgets by between 5-10% to balance them based on the County’s bottom-line.
- Implement director’s control post BOC approved budget.
- Identify and own fiscal inefficiencies.
- Develop Subject Matter Experts within departments.
- Encourage all departments to seek out other funding sources.
- Establish employee recognition program that provides incentives for exceptional job performance. 
Implement inventory tracking system reduced dollar threshold.
Initiate county-wide use of products that promote use of natural resources (e.g., going green). 
Establish a priority ERP system that links budgeting procurement and HR.
Create and implement
citizens’ forums to hold Directors and Finance Department accountable for fiscal management. 
Develop a value
-based fee scale for services
provided to generate an equitable distribution of revenue from Hartsfield.
Explore other sources of revenue generation through fees and charges for non-mandatory county services
(e.g., fee to conduct municipal