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Reshape Clayton County’s public image.


There is much to be proud of in Clayton County, ranging from diverse communities to numerous tourist attractions.  We will systematically reshape Clayton’s public image by creating a consistent source of county-related information.  Our communication with stakeholders will be varied and continuous. We will establish a team of ambassadors to convey a coherent and convincing “Clayton Strong” message. Cities that form the fibers of our County will be invited to play a pivotal role in our messaging. Citizens and government employees will be able to “talk Clayton up” as they experience positive encounters. We will be proud as we realize who we are as a County.

Major Strategies: Fiscal Years (FY) 2017-2019

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Establish a Communication
Department/Division to centralize marketing and branding for the county.
Create a Public Relations Department as a strategic unit to market the County with all of its
vast resources and create a positive image to attract growth –residential and business- through promotion of lifestyle, public safety, etc.
Implement government classes for citizens to inform them about go
vernment functions, operational philosophies, missions and
Adopt “Clayton Strong” brand throughout the County to include municipalities, chambers, etc. [Implement branding to include
documents, social media, signage, etc.].
Create a unified brand for the County and logos for departmental activities that support our overall
local, national and international focus on the opportunities and benefits in the county.
Create a Citizen Ambassador Program to promote a positive County image. 
Engage all citizens/stakeholders as
promotional links – grassroots participation – sustainable through a bottom-up approach.
Implement Media Training for All Department Heads and Key Staff.