Zoning Meeting Procedures

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Clayton County Zoning Meeting Rules of Procedure

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners welcomes you to the monthly Zoning Meetings. The Board has prepared this information to answer some commonly asked questions.

Clayton County property owners have the right, by law, to use their land at its highest and best use for the area. Keeping this in mind, the Clayton County Board of Commissioners has to also consider the county's Land Use Plan and what is in the best interest of the area when considering a rezoning application.

Anytime a property owner applies for a rezoning application, Clayton County Office of Planning, Zoning and Sustainability posts a sign (for at least two weeks) at the property to notify the public. As outlined in the Official Code of Clayton County, two public hearings are held for all zoning issues. The first zoning hearing is heard by the Zoning Advisory Group, a citizens' review panel. The Zoning Advisory Group's decision is not binding. It is recorded and sent to the Board of Commissioners as a recommendation.

The Board of Commissioners has the deciding vote. The Board of Commissioners then holds its Zoning Meeting. Both of these meetings are held in the Commissioners' Board Room at 112 Smith Street in Jonesboro. Both are open to the public and allow for public comment.

Please refer to the County Calendar for dates and times of BOC and ZAG meetings.



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