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Notice of Assessment Information

Any "arms length bona fide sale" of real property shall be the maximum allowable fair market value for a period of one year following the transaction.

All Georgia real property taxpayers will receive a standardized annual assessment notice. The notice will include an estimate of your ad valorem taxes based on the previous year's millage rate and the current year's fair market value. Your actual tax bill may be more or less than this estimate. This estimate may not include all eligible exemptions.

All assessment notices that are returned to our office as "undeliverable" will be posted on our website for 30 days.

All counties must allow taxpayers 45 days from the date of the assessment notice to file an appeal. The appeal must be made in writing and can be pursued through:

1. The County Board of Equalization

2. A Hearing Officer

3. Arbitration (Binding)

4. Superior Court

The Clerk of Superior Court has the power of oversight and supervision over the Board of Equalization and the hearing officers.

Appeal Process Summary



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