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Clayton County Land Bank Board

Created: April 15, 2014 - Resolution 2014-18
Number of Seats: 5

Three members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners
Two members are appointed by the city of Forest Park
Staggered terms (2 and 4 years)

Current Members: Member Term Expires Appointment
Latrevia P. Kates, Esq. 4/15/2020 Full Board/Commissioner Shana M. Rooks
Ms. Latrice Mitchell 4/15/2018 Full Board/Chairman Jeffrey E. Turner
Mr. Dave Murphy 4/15/2018

Full Board/Commissioner
Michael Edmondson

Blake Bloomquist 4/18/2020

Forest Park Designee

Al Wiggins, Planning and Zoning Director City of Forest Park 4/21/2018 Forest Park Designee

Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2015